Product Details

Automatic Puffed Rice Cake Making Machine

Place of Origin Shandong
Brand Name LOYAL
Certification ISO,CE
Min.Order Quantity 1 pcs
Price US $26,000-50,000/ set
Payment Terms D/P,MoneyGram

Product Features

Equipment Introduction:

Can Mixing corn flour,wheat four,potato flour etc..  , and after being evenly mixed, the material is conveyed to the twin-screw main machine by screw conveying, the twin-screw is pre-gelatinized by extrusion, high temperature and high pressure, the mold is molded to produce the product, the oven is dried to remove excess water, and then seasoned by the drum. Spray the seasonings and finally produce puffed doughnuts of various flavors.

Features of  Crisp Cake Cutting Machine/cereal Bar Production Line
1, Mechnical pressing & rubbing, does not hurt nuts, without waste.
2, All the parts touching with food are made of non-toxic material, oil and high temperature resistance.
3, The machine includes material feeding equipment, flatting equipment, cooler, crosscutting and rip cutting equipment, conveyor and control of electric devices.
4, Adopt micro computer to adjust the product size automatically.
5, The machine will finish the procure of feeding material - flatting - cooling - cutting automatically and continuously.
6, The product shape is square after cutting.
7, Cooling conveyer can be customerized as demand.

Advantage of the Hot Sale Big Commercial Industrial Popped Rice Cake Machine

Firstly, it is very effective at grabbing customers attention.

Its trademark "pop" sound is a eye-catcher, and does not need additional advertisement.

Secondly, it is soft and delicious.Everyone enjoys its soft but also crisp texture, and more flavors can be added for preferred taste.

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